Way back when I was a student at Utah State in Logan, Utah, I got to go see general conference live for the first time with my cousin John. I remember hearing Mo-Tab and thinking, “Wow….I want to write music like that!!!!!” I think a dream was born inside of me that day. I remember tinkering around on my aunt’s piano while everyone was sleeping… (or trying to…).. and when I came home that semester, had my first arrangement written. Over the next 15 years or so, I kept writing, as I was inspired by my four brothers, parents, grandparents, & friends. I tried to combine hymns that would speak to each other and create messages of hope & peace. As I look back at my 19-year old self starting this project, I realize that pretty much nothing in life has turned out the way I planned it! … But, I’m so thankful for music, and the constant it has been to help me keep going.

I hope you will check out my album!!! Though I’m no Mack Wilberg, Β one thing I’ve learned as a musician, is that whether 10 people or 10 million people like your music, you still just have to keep dreaming the dream. These hymns hold a special meaning to me, and I hope they will help you to find comfort and faith during the trials of life, and peace and joy during the wonderful moments. Thanks for checking out my website! ~ Christie