This has been a long time coming, but I’m happy to announce that my first album of hymn arrangements, “Contemporary Arrangements of Timeless Hymns” is all done! I look forward to sharing the stories of how each song came about in the coming months. This album is all piano + orchestral, with tracks #1 and #4 just piano, cello, and guitar. I love these hymns, and I hope you will find peace and comfort in these arrangements!

music2I met my producer, Kevin Memley, when I was substitute teaching for his music technology class at a local high school. When I learned he was a pro at not just music notation, but also creating audio recordings, I realized that my vision could come true with his help! He has worked with me off and on for ten years now, helping to put all this music together. It has been really cool getting to work with Kevin, and seeing just how brilliant of a musician he is. I believe God sent him into my path to help make my dream become a reality! Check out his website He has dozens of published choral pieces, and also writes for film, conducts, and teaches. Every time I write a new arrangement, or a new song, he’s always been willing to help me get it down on paper, and then add all the instruments to it and make an incredible audio recording. He is someone who has followed his dreams and it has taken him very far. He and his wonderful family have blessed my life more than I could have ever imaged. They help me to continue believing in my dreams even if I’m still at the beginning of it all. My next dream is to be with the Memleys one day at the Academy Awards, winning “best original score.” Hey, it could happen! 😉 #KeepDreaming

Here’s a quick preview of the entire album:

I hope you will enjoy these songs! And have a Happy New Year!! ~ Christie